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Kunshan Hexin Precise Machinery Co.,Ltd


We are an original manufacturer of sheet cutting machine(roll to sheet cutting machine), die cutting machine, laminating machine,screen printing machine and slitting machine.


Compare the electronic cutter to the die cutting machine

When comparing the electronic cutter to the die cutting machine, saving money is its biggest advantage, as you don’t need cartridges to make it operate. Yes of course, sometimes it is nice though to have some fun licensed images from the cartridges range, but imagine the money you could save to spend on other things.

Considering the inspiration cutter requires no cartridges and is a quality built machine, it makes me wonder why others would buy anything else. Okay, of course no machine is perfect. It does have one minor disadvantage over the machines. Similar to the diffuser cutting machine, both require being linked to a computer to operate. So if you don’t own a laptop, portability does become a minor issue to some who like to get out and share their die cutting machine.

However that wouldn’t deter me from buying one of the cutting machines. It is just full of wonderful features, which will make any scrapbooking project a winner.