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Kunshan Hexin Precise Machinery Co.,Ltd


We are an original manufacturer of sheet cutting machine(roll to sheet cutting machine), die cutting machine, laminating machine,screen printing machine and slitting machine.


Die cutting machine has some amazing features

You can use any true type font to create die cuts using the die cutting machine. You can make titles, overlays and much more. It has some amazing features like automated image tracing, and to reduce your workload, it also does automated welding.

This great cutting machine though, can be used for so much more than just scrapbooking. The electronic inspiration machine can be used to produce cards for any occasion, iron on transfers from your own unique design, it can be also used to make your own personalized stamps. Just think of any home craft project and you can be almost assured the machine will be able to help you out.

When comparing the cutter machine to other diffuser cutting machine currently available, there are some points to consider. The upfront cost of a machine, is certainly a little more expensive. However the advantage is that it can do die cuts in one pass, where as the cutter machine sometimes needs multiple passes to cut through. The inspiration machine, also enables fonts to be joined together, instead of needing a separate software program to create the affect.